The World Health Organization has declared a Coronavirus pandemic. During this pandemic several novel bacterial pathogens have evolved that are causing opportunistic intestinal and respiratory infections. As a microbiologist for the CDC, develop a response plan to determine the identity of the unknown organisms. Use verbiage that you have learned this semester in lecture and lab.
First you need to choose either the respiratory or intestinal bacterial pathogen to identify. This step is important as it determines which tests are most appropriate to identify the organism.
Describe, using specific laboratory terminology, how you would go about collecting samples from the patients and obtaining a pure culture. Remember sterile technique and be specific.
You will need to grow your bacteria on a nutrient agar plate and in a nutrient agar broth to observe the growth. Explain three pieces of information that you can obtain from observing the growth of bacteria on solid and liquid agar. What could you expect to find based on the fact that the pathogen is either respiratory or intestinal?
Choose seven laboratory tests (stains and/or biochemical tests) that you would perform and specifically explain why you would perform those tests (describe for what the test is testing and how that will help you to determine the identity of the organisms).
When you choose your laboratory tests really think about what information is most important in the determination of the identity of your organisms.
Any experimental performed during the entire semester can be used. The test that you choose must be one that was covered in class during the semester.
You will need to write this information in a paper. You can include charts, graphs and pictures if you would like, but it is not necessary. Your paper must be uploaded into Canvas by 11:59 pm on April 8. You will upload the document in the unknown module and it is worth 20 points. Your grade will be determined by the following:
Did you choose either a respiratory or intestinal pathogen
Did you correctly explain a technique that will allow collection of an uncontaminated specimen
Did you explain three separate aspects of bacterial growth that can be seen from broth and solid agar growth
Did you choose seven different tests
Did you choose tests that are appropriate for the type of organism (respiratory vs. intestinal) chosen
Did you explain the purpose of the tests that were chosen