Microsoft Project 2019

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) the Single Critical Factor is the driving force of a great Project Structure. As you read in the book, this is the phase where the project manager takes complete command of the project, with the initiation stage complete and the execution stage yet to start. (Shirodkar, 2020). For this assignment, you will build a WBS for a wedding for 350 people. The reception will be a full sit-down dinner and dancing. You will find what a WBS looks like on page 138 and significant points that should be included on page 139. Include summary tasks for key milestones in your project.

Option 1: Planning a wedding

The first option for building your WBS is a wedding for 350 people. The only firm decisions that have been made are the church has been reserved, and the honeymoon will be in Hawaii.

Criteria that you will need to know is:

350 people
The wedding will be at 5:30 pm
Church has been reserved
Need a reception location
Full dinner – 3 courses
Honeymoon in HI
You are the project manager, and it is your job to work with the “team” to figure out what is needed for the initiation stage to be completed and begin the execution stage. P.S. Don’t forget the dress!