Mini Project Terrorism

Research and select a terrorist group of your choice. Once selected, please respond to the questions below. The terrorist group you chose, will be the same group you will be presenting in Week 4.


  1. What’s the name of the group?
  2. Where did the group initiate?
  3. Who are their target?
  4. Why did they choose that particular target?
  5. Explain their recruitment process.
  6. Describe their style of operation?
  7. How many were involved?
  8. Did they belong to a group? If so, which group?
  9. Was it an isolated incident? Or on a continuous basis?
  10. What were their beliefs? Motto? Ideology?
  11. Describe their method to execute their attack.
  12. What tactic did they use? What weapons?
  13. Explain how they were funded?
  14. What was their ultimate goal?
  15. Was their goal realistic?
  16. What are their reasons for their attack? Or plans to attack?
  17. Describe what you would have done to prevent this incident.
  18. Explain a new law you would implement to prevent similar attacks.
  19. Explain what you learned for this research