Mircoeconomics Discussion

Assignment Summary:

  1. Read “Florida Lawsuits Allege Price Gouging,” and “They Clapped: Can Price-Gouging Laws Prohibit Scarcity?”
  2. Read the article from Chapter 4 in your textbook: “In the News: Price Increases after Disasters” (pages 80-81).
  3. Also read the article –  The Problem with Price Gouging Laws The Problem with Price Gouging Laws – Alternative Formats .
  4. Watch the Price Gouging videos above.
  5. Summarize the main points of each article and decide which graph (A, B, C, or D) can be used to explain each event and why – be specific. More than one graph may apply. ( SupplyAndDemandGraphs2.doc Supply and Demand Guide – Alternative Formats  and  Supply and Demand Graphs.pptx Supply and Demand Powerpoints – Alternative Formats )
  6.  What is your conclusion? Is price gouging a good thing or not? Or is it just necessary? Explain why.
  7. Post your views to the discussion board and refer to at least two different concepts (using CAPITAL LETTERS) from this week’s Chapters. Your illustration of concepts MUST include an explanation why you think they are are relevant to the week’s topic using specific information from the articles, videos and other research that you have done.  Key concepts are listed at the end of every chapter.
  8. 180 word min.