Movie Assigment

watch film Wall-E (2008)Preview the document

This paper will be on affects of technology, environment issues and social change.

Answer following quiestions

1) , briefly define the ideas on modernization of Tonnies, Durkeim, Weber, and Marx and provide an example from the film that could represent each theoretical construct.

2) According to the attached technology and environment handout; what are the four ways that technology reshapes a society? Define each and provide examples of technological advances featured in the film that fit each of the four ways? How did each advance change the society? Your examples from the film should be specific.

These four items are found in III: B in the handout.

3) Define the four social revolutions that have occurred (section 2.3 chapter 2). Which, if any, of these are presented in the film? Come up with a name and description of a fifth social revolution based on the circumstances in the film.

Hint to really answer this question be sure to watch the end credits as one or more are presented there.

4) Discuss how people are socialized in the film? What impact has the type of socialization had on human interaction? Provide support for your answer with specific examples from the film.

There are specific examples of socialization presented in the film. Remember to define what socialization is first so that you will be able to find the examples.

5) Discuss the impact humans had on the planet environment using as many terms from your text as possible (i.e., acid rain, global warming, etc.). Provide examples from the movie to support your answer. There will not be specific mention of these things so just use your sociological imagination to apply the concepts.

You should try to have at least three concepts from the text for this question.


Should be at minimum 200 words per answer, NOT including the actual question you are responding to. Each answer should follow the rules of Standard Written English (Links to an external site.) for grammar, punctuation and paragraph formatting (Links to an external site.). This means your answer should NOT be one long paragraph. The paper can be either double or single spaced, but must not have a font larger than New Times Roman 12 and a 1 inch margin.


Each question is it’s own answer and is worth 15 points for a total of 75 points. The best way to ensure you get the best grade is to use the Word document and put your answer in the space after each question. But make sure you follow proper paragraph formatting, etc. Some students just post one really long paragraph which is not correct format and will cost you at least 1 point per question. You will receive a grade pursuant to the following:

Up 5 points for detailed definitions of the concepts, this means more than just one sentence for definition and a clear illustration that you understand the concept by provide real world examples. You do not have to use any references for the definitions, I am looking that you understand the concepts, but if you do offer an “official” definition make sure you properly cite the material, even the text. Correct citation for the text is as follows: Macionis, J. 2017. Society the Basics, 14th edition, Pearson Publishing: New York

Up to 5 points for specific examples from the film for all concepts in the question, specific means description of a particular scene, character, or event that meets the definition requirement, or narration of an over arching idea that fits the parameters. The key word is specific.

Up to 5 points for paragraph formatting, spelling, grammar, etc. If your answer is too short that is up to 3 points depending on how short it is, if it is only a little short it will be 1 point but if it is less than 2 paragraphs it will be 3 points. Spelling/grammar/punctuation is up to 2 points depending on how many errors there are. Other items that could count as part of this grade is if I cannot tell where one answer begins and the next one ends.