MSc International business global shift: Group Assignment

The field of International Business is full of debates about various internationally significant events and phenomena. Identify a maximum of two of these events and phenomena and then:


  1. Critically evaluate their impact on international business environment and activities.
  2. Identify key managerial implications as a result of your analysis for each event or phenomenon being analysed.



  • Word limit: 2500 – word.
  • Only one document should be submitted by each team.
  • Examples of suitable topics include debates about globalisation and FDI impact on host and home countries.
  • A focus on recent events and phenomena would be interesting (e.g. Covid-19, Brexit, US – China trade war etc).
  • The discussion should be critical and theoretically informed.
  • Each group member should equally participate in both the preparation and delivery of the assignment.
  • Please take care on the presentation of your submission. Penalties will apply for exceeding word count.