MSN5550 Health Promotion And The Community Chapter 8 Quiz

1. Which of the following is NOT usually considered a parameter for defining a broad sense community within the context of nursing?

a. Groups of people who live within the same geographical region

b. Groups of people who share common interests

c. Groups of people who have the very near the same income and net worth

d. Groups of people who share social relationships

2. Which of the following communities are relatively disadvantaged with respect to lower levels of health promotion and limited resources from local, state, or federal public health agencies?

a. Urban communities

b. Rural communities

c. Communities within southern states

d. Communities with large maritime (sea-faring) industries

3. Various theories guide the nursing process in assessing patients or communities with a goal toward formulating and implementing a plan of care. Which of the following theoretical frameworks is most useful in the context of assessing communities?