ou are required to develop an educational pack aimed at schoolchildren to support their learning in an area you have chosen. You must choose an object of interest you can imagine being exhibited in a gallery or museum for your educational pack (State the name of the gallery or museum.) You can design your pack by basing it on one of two age groups to develop appropriate age-related content. Choose either: Key Stage 2 (7-10 year olds). To understand the National Curriculum requirements for each stage, refer to


The pack should include the following:

  1. A teacher’s pack or information pack in the form of a pdf file that can be downloaded from the gallery or museum’s website, with contextual/ historical details and images describing the object. State where you would imagine the object being displayed.
  2. A schedule of three learning activities that clearly outline the different activities children will engage in. Provide guidance. (Consider where there are before-during and after activities and whether any pre-teaching is required, for example.)
  3. A method for evaluating learning that may have taken place.
  4. ou should show how your pack 1. relates to current practices in museum learning and in the design of visitor experiences; 2. how your activities relate to the National Curriculum requirements for the stage you have chosen.