Museum Report

(1) Pre-Field Trip Information (2 points) – 

Google the museum Holocaust museum LA and gather initial information about the history and/or background of the museum and its purpose. About 2 paragraphs.

(2) Place in Appendix: During Field Trip Information (4 points)

write about

  1. write questions,
  2. describe your favorite displays,
  3. make sketches of artifacts, structures, and scenery
  4. interview docents as well as “survivors” about exhibits or history of site
  5. selfies (and group photos with others) in front of exhibits

This information may be typewritten after the event, or the notes may be scanned and attached as an appendix to the document. (There should be approximately one and one-half pages of handwritten notes.)

(2) Post-Field Trip Analysis (4 points) – Feel free to embed particular photos that support what you did into word document

  1. How did the visit influence your views on prejudice and discrimination?
  2. Which aspects, artwork, artifacts of the museum impressed you or had an impact on you? Then, explain the cultural knowledge or content knowledge that you gleaned.
  3. What ideas did you get for possible content lesson planning?
  4. How did aspects of your visit educate you as a citizen and future teacher of elementary school children?
  5. How could you teach individual responsibility, social activism…?
  6. Tell how visiting the site helped build your cultural knowledge as well as your content knowledge.
  7. In conclusion, explain how you could use this site in the future as well as what preparations would need to be made and what background knowledge you would want your students to have prior to such a fieldtrip

Here the link of the museum, use this link to visit the museum and write the report