Music Assignment

Reflection Essay 3:

Choose only ONE of the two topics below (doing both will not give you any additional points). Remember that Reflection Essays don’t need to be any more than a single page long. And if you can get to the heart of the issue, a paragraph may be enough. Just make sure to address the topic as completely as you can within those constraints.

  • ESSAY A: Describe what “emic” and “etic” mean in terms of cultural interaction.  Give an example of yourself as “emic” and of an experience in which you have felt “etic.” OR discuss the four basic instrument categories, and give examples of each one, identifying its subcategory within that larger category, and why it would be classified that way.


  • ESSAY B: Write a brief overview of totemism and animism; make sure to show how they differ and where they overlap. Describe (and provide examples if you can) of how these belief systems consider the reality of an unseen world being tied to the physical and visible world we share as humans.