Neutral MemorandumFile

M-Global Neutral Memorandum Assignment 10%



1. A piece of equipment that is used infrequently, but must be available when needed, is in

need of replacement OR repair. Inform Charles Zimmer, M-Global’s Inventory Specialist,

of the condition of the equipment, its importance to your operation, and the need for

replacement OR repair. Suggest a detailed course of action.


2. During a routine safety committee inspection, you discover that several fire doors are

propped open by outside worker’s M-Global has contracted (the doors are supposed to

be kept closed at all times). You discussed the issue with Brad Tailor, the foreman in

charge of the contract operation and area in question, but he has not currently done

anything to rectify the problem. Write a memo to Monique Levesque, Vice President of

M-Global’s Safety Committee. Explain the situation and specify what action you want



3. You have been working in your current M-Global position as a full-time employee with

full-time benefits. You have, however, been offered to work on a special project outside

your department for the next two years. The special project offers more pay, but it also

means relocation is required. It has not been determined whether this assignment will

be full-time or part-time, or what benefits will be options for you. Write a memo to

Henry Armbuster, Vice President of Relocation, outlining your reservations about the

special project job offer.