Project Assignment – Elevator Pitch

This project requires just your pitch. There is no need to record speech.

Have you ever heard of an elevator pitch? The idea is that you can summarize the salient points of your project or argument so concisely that you could convince someone in a 90 second elevator ride to adopt your point of view (You don’t actually have to record it in an elevator).

Here is the scenario: You are applying for funding for your project. This could be with an outside investor or asking for a budget from your employer. You are given an opportunity to advocate for funding or acceptance of your program at the next board meeting.

Your pitch should be 90 seconds or less.
Your pitch should address:
The title of your project.
A description of the problem you are trying to solve including supporting facts and figures.
An explanation about why this is relevant.
The proposed intervention.
Your evaluation plan.
You can film anywhere, be creative if it helps your pitch (even in an elevator).

You are responsible for submitting two files: Video and Script.

Create your script. Scripts are useful for staying on track and making a more professional recording.
Record your pitch on a cellphone, computer, etc. and save recording.
Use the instructions from the Student Handbook for How to Record and Upload a Video for Video Assignments to record or upload your video to MS Stream.
Follow the instructions to get a link to the recording from MS Stream.
Click “Add Submission” and paste the link into the “Online Text” box.
Upload your script as a MS Word document in the “File Submissions” box.
Click “SAVE” and then “Submit for Grading”.