1. When it is your turn to be the health coach, review Emily’s wellness assessment report. Using motivational interviewing techniques assist Emely (client) in choosing one health related behavior they’d like to change. Assess your client’s readiness to change. Support the client in choosing one specific goal. As you continue talking with your client, discuss the different areas on the  Behavior Change Guide .

2. Transfer the notes from your hard copy to the electronic PDF file by typing into the electronic PDF file [See instructions,  How to Add Text to a pdf File Document .]  Save the completed guide and rename with your client’s (partner’s) initials and send them a copy.

Upload your completed Behavior Change Guide to the Dropbox. Additionally, complete a short (no more than 2 pages) reflection paper discussing how you implemented the Core Counseling Principles and Skills of Motivational Interviewing listed below. Include one example for each principle and skill.  This reflection should be uploaded to the same Dropbox as the Behavior Change Guide.

Core Counseling Principles

1. Express empathy for the challenges faced by patients

2. Develop a discrepancy between patient goals and behaviors

3. Roll with resistance

4. Support self-efficacy

5. Resist the “righting reflex”

Skills of Motivational Interviewing

1. Use reflective listening

2. Ask open-ended questions

3. Use the ask-provide-ask approach to provide information

4. Affirm patient’s opinions and progress

5. Summarize main points and goals


The Topic chosen by Emely.

Emely wants to change Area, Physical question 9 in the self-assessment (eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day)

Emely has two children and married. Wants to to improve her Nutritional balanced diet. Wants to eat more fruits and vegetable and be an example for her kids.

Long term goal would be setting setting a good practice for the family by developing a habit of eating together at least every dinner and breakfast and spending time together.

Short time goal would be setting a plan to achieve the long-term goal.

Her helpers are her husband and children

Her hurdles are developing a family study room and not studding the dining table, practicing the to use the table only for family mealtime.