For a discussion post

  • In two to three paragraphs, answer and describe the below:
    • Using your professional mind, what do you think is happening to create the problem?
    • Contexts in which the problem is exhibited.
    • How do the systems (family, work, classroom, etc.) influence the maintenance or elimination of the problem?
  • In two to three paragraphs, please describe how at least one addiction theory assists you with understanding this situation.
    • (i.e: How does Michael White and David Epston Narrative theory play a role in how X perceives these circumstances?)
  • In two to three paragraphs, please describe what type of counseling intervention may help this client.
    • In other words, what does the client need (i.e. new coping skills) in order to improve their emotional, psychological, cognitive and/or social, functioning?
    • What does the client need to work through and overcome their addiction?
    • Use resources that justify this explanation.

Requirements: 2-3 paragraphs