1.  What are you proposing as the topic for your EBP project? For my EBP final project, I am proposing the risk of hospital-acquired infection, also known as healthcare-associated inactions (HAI). How can healthcare workers decrease exposure the patients with immune deficits? 2.  Why is this topic of interest to you? This topic is essential because I had a family member exposed to the hospital with an infection that almost cost his life. The reason he was admitted was dismissed due to clostridium difficile(C.diff) that turned out to be life-threatening for him, and then he was treated in the ICU. As a nurse, I also glimpse an increased number of patients exposed in the hospital in the recovery unit.

3.  Would you classify the topic related to service, practice, or patient outcomes? This topic is related to quality patient care, safe practice, and patient outcome.


This is a good topic.  Just to keep your topic narrow as not to create an overwhelming project, could you focus on one infection…maybe C.Diff seeing as you are familiar with this?  Approach it from a nursing perspective… like:  what can nurses do you prevent the spread of C.Diff in the patient care setting.  You will find sufficient evidence to support your topic.


Evidence-Based Practice Project Analysis

Now that you have a good idea of what you will be doing for your EBP project in NURS 4130, it is time to apply change strategies to your topic.  At this time, you may not know all of the answers to the questions you are asked to respond to regarding your topic.  That’s okay. This is your first attempt at analyzing important aspects of your topic to help you devise a plan and think about your topic from a “big picture” perspective. Respond to the following questions:

1. What is the topic for your EBP project?

2. What is the overall goal you hope to achieve?

3. What do you think is best practice? How will you determine what best practice is?

4. Who are the internal and external stakeholders?  Do you have any pre-conceived ideas about the stakeholders’ positions and whether they would be supportive of a practice change?

5. How will you determine if your practice change is successful? Are there benchmarks you will use?

6. What leadership skills and and strategies are required to assure success of the change?

This is an informal piece of writing.  A title page is not required. Please be concise in your responses.  Paper is not to exceed 2-3 pages.  References are not required, but if used, would require an in-text citation and reference page in APA format.