Nursing Discussion


The purpose of this assignment is for students to discuss how human genetic variations impact pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs and the application for use in the clinical setting.

Activity Learning Outcomes

Through this discussion, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

1. Explain how pharmacogenomics is currently applied to clinical practice (CO 3,4,5).

2. Discuss the limitations of pharmacogenomics testing (CO 3,4,5).

3. Discuss ethical concerns related to pharmacogenomics testing and treatment (CO 3,4,5).


In your post, respond to the following scenario (Hint: use the pharmgkb website to guide your responses):

1. Before initiating abacavir, an anti-retroviral, for a newly diagnosed HIV positive patient the nurse practitioner orders HLA-B*5701 allele genetic testing. The test confirms that the patient carries the HLA-B*5701 allele.

a. Describe what these results mean.

b. Should the nurse practitioner prescribe abacavir in this case? If not, state why.

2. A patient is prescribed antiplatelet therapy (clopidogrel) following an acute myocardial infarction (MI). Six months later, the patient suffers another acute MI. The patient has been adherent to therapy and the nurse practitioner suspects that clopidrogel may have been ineffective. How might genetic testing have been beneficial in this case?

3. Identify 2 limitations of pharmacogenomics testing. Explain.

4. Identify 2 ethical concerns of using pharmacogenomics testing. Explain.


* Textbooks, non-US journals, nursing journals not intended for advanced practice providers or websites intended for the general public are not considered scholarly. 


Category Points % Description
Application of Course Knowledge 35 35% 1. Proper rationale and reasoning skills are demonstrated; AND

2. Information is taken from source(s) with appropriate interpretation/evaluation to develop a comprehensive analysis or synthesis of the topic at hand; AND

3. All of the posts make direct reference to concepts discussed in the lesson; AND

4. Posts are on topic and answer all presented questions which demonstrate a solid understanding of the topic.

(4 critical elements)

Support from Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) 35 35% 1. Discussion posts are supported with appropriate, scholarly sources; uses valid, relevant, and reliable outside sources to contribute to the threaded discussion; AND

2. Sources are published within the last 5 years (unless it is the most current CPG); AND

3. Reference lists are provided and in-text citations match; AND

4. Provides relevant evidence of scholarly inquiry clearly stating how the evidence informed or changed professional or academic decisions.

(4 critical elements)

Category Points % Description
Grammar, Syntax, Spelling & Punctuation 15 15% Discussion post has minimal grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, or APA format errors*

(*) APA style references and in text citations are required; however, there are no deductions for errors in indentation or spacing of references. All elements of the reference otherwise must be included.


      Total FORMAT Points= 15 pts
      DISCUSSION TOTAL= 100 pts