Nursing Leadership and management





Chapter 14
1. I believe nurses must join a professional association. Since it presents them with a better and more unified opinion in which they can agree with their demands. They are encouraged to compete for anything they believe in. Furthermore, they are given a chance to advance their learning. It is necessary for career improvement. Just as business organizations were extended in colonial times, nursing organizations are essential to achieving the necessities of nurses.
2. The idea of Obamacare was to provide citizens with easy to pay insurance, so everyone would have access to medical care. This action, however, has some pros and cons associated with it. One of them will be that it guaranteed that numerous of the U.S citizens have coverage. Insurance is particularly vital when trying to obtain medical attention. Furthermore, several screenings are completed at an affordable cost. It advanced healthcare in the U.S to more economical and reliable. The cons involve penalization if an individual is not approved, raised premiums, and difficulties in engaging in this plan.
3. My image of the nursing future will be to give a satisfactory atmosphere for working. This includes good pay and an enabling environment. It is essential to perceive that several hospitals are normally lacking staff, generating tension on the nurses. This begins to cause fatigue among healthcare individuals. I will commit to this by fulfilling plans that will allow the situation. also, work persistently to influence the people and the environment confidently.
4. Based on the interview, it is apparent that nursing was clearer and lightly complex 20 years ago. Their obligations and duties were minor than those that we possess now. Nurses are expected to be extra prepared and perform more difficult solicitations.
5. National Students Nursing Association
• Guide collectively and teach students planning to obtain initial licensure as registered nurses, as well as those registered in baccalaureate achievement programs.
• Communicate the norms and values of the nursing job.
• Support the improvement of the abilities that students must be engaged and liable segments of the nursing job. • Advocate for great quality, liable, economical, and available health care.
• Promote and engage in progress in nursing study.
• Advance nursing students that are qualified to guide the nursing profession tomorrow.
Membership eligibility for NSNA
• A payment of 30$ dollars through the year plus taxes.
• A reduction of 5$ is provided for new members.
• It is required to be nursing students Standards of practice for the NSNA
• The title National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc. (NSNA)® can be only used by official NSNA school and state components with the following phrasing: (Insert the name of school or state association) is an official part of the National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc.® No other phrasing is proper without NSNA’s® approval. The NSNA® logo must not be utilized by anyone, including members of a school or state chapters.
6. Most of the people believe that nurses assist physicians. According to opinions, nurses are individuals who operate in the hospital and assist with tasks such as delivering off the syringe or monitoring on the patients, making sure they are stable. For example, nurses guarantee the environment is working placidly. Without their support, it will be almost impossible for doctors to perform individually. Also, they manage medications, keep an eye on the patients, and engage in fundamental operations.
• Yes, they were realistic.
a. They under-estimated the duties the nurse possesses.
b. No, they didn’t recognize several things nurses do.
• Yes. young individuals’ responses were important and not well known. Now, regarding gender, females were further delicate when responding to the issues. Most of the resolutions they presented revealed a little quantity of experience in the range of tasks nurses have.
c. From the outcomes, it is apparent that society undervalues nurses. Nursing as a job is not appreciated as it should be. Compared to doctors, there is a discrepancy also when it happens to young children deciding their career.
d. I think the community impacts their concept most of the time. Individuals have built a figure about nurses, and this is carried on to generations.
7. The future nurses will be appreciated and respected. Their jobs will be considered. They will be an inspiration to anyone, since being a nurse is not that easy.
a. His or her priority will be to provide quality care for the patients and their families, also to improve healthcare system.
b. Yes. Time passes and technology will keep improving, that is when the nursing profession will evolve to become well respected and people will approve of it.