NV4605 Report

You are required to submit your research report. All learning objectives are assessed, however particular care should be taken to demonstrate:


  • Report Planning Skills
  • Academic Written English Skills
  • Specialist Research Knowledge
  • Referencing and Citation Skills


You MUST support your response to the research question with a reasoned and logical argument. This argument MUST be supported by evidence from the academic peer-reviewed literature. Your report needs to include correct and consistent in-text references and a reference list at the end. Be sure to review it carefully to ensure that you are addressing each of the elements in your work.



The assessment is graded as follows:


Essay Structure 10% Conclusion 10%
Abstract 5% Referencing 10%
Introduction 10% Academic English Writing 5%
Main Body 20%  



Deadline to be announced.












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Marking Criteria


Section Criteria F D C B A A*
A Essay Structure
1 Appropriate Essay Structure            
2 Follows a Clear and Reasoned Argument            
3 Appropriate Use of Signposting to Support Structure            
B Abstract
1 Effective and Concise Summary            
C Introduction
1 Relevant Background Information            
2 Clear and Appropriate Research Question            
D Main Body
1 Critical and comprehensive review is demonstrated            
2 Relevant to Addressing Research Question            
3 Demonstrates depth of understanding about topic            
4 Claims Supported by Evidence and Reasoning            
E Conclusion
1 Appropriate Summary, Discussion & Evaluation            
2 Conclusion Addresses Research Question            
F Referencing
1 Correct Use of Paraphrase, Quotation & In-Text Citation            
2 Appropriate Reference List            
G Academic English Writing Skills
1 Appropriate Academic English Writing Style            
2 Appropriate Spelling & Grammar            
Total 80 Marks





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