In recent surveys, customers were found to be more dissatisfied with the services they receive than with the products they purchase. One common difficulty is the lack of clear and specific performance objectives or even the ability to accurately measure service standards and operating performance. Another is the high degree of unpredictability and variability in the basic service itself and in the demand for the service.
NYPD as an illustration of these issues. After reading the brief case description, answer the questions at the end in the format of an executive summary. You should use the Queuing Toolpack   to analyze performance measures for this case.
Assume you are a consultant on public service operations and that you are making recommendations to the NYPD Commissioner. Be sure to consider the issue of how the objectives for the patrol system might be different depending on whose perspective is being considered, i.e. the city’s or the public’s. Submit your analysis in the form of an executive summary due on Monday 9th before class.  You may attach an exhibit of computations supporting your analysis.
Assume you have 18 cars to allocate among the six precincts A,..,F given in the case exhibit. Determine an allocation of these 18 cars and discuss the basis for your allocation.
As described in the case, The City can purchase and staff new cars at a cost of $300,000 per car.
 How many additional cars should be allocated to each precinct?Think of the restraints on adding cars.What is your objective in making this decision?Why did you choose this objective? Explain.
You should use the Queuing Toolpack spreadsheets  to analyze performance measures for this case.
You may attach 1 to 2 pages of exhibits to support your analysis.