Operations and Project Management: Individual Report

MG2008 202021 – Operations and Project Management

Assignment 1 of 2:           Individual Report

Weighting for module:     50% (see MIP on Bb)

Submission method:        Word document via Turnitin, on Blackboard

Format:                              2000 word report (see structure guide on Bb),

Marking:                            anonymous, unless there is a sound pedagogical reason

Grades:                              Grade bands (see Bb); pass = 40% and above

Research:                          Use at least 10 academic sources (see RLO on Bb)

Referencing:                     LBS Guide to Harvard (see Bb)

Assessment criteria:        See QAA matrix – seven areas (on Bb)


An individual report to be submitted as detailed here.

Brief: Write an academic report in the required format, which addresses all of the following points in relation to the case of a company of your choice:

Section 1 Explain how company’s operations and logistics are currently set up. Discuss whether the company has faced any issues related to its logistical activities in the past and how these were resolved (50%).

Section 2 (50%) Evaluate how the use of the ERP system may have helped to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation at the company by preventing, avoiding and reducing various supply and scheduling issues.

Presentation format required:

Font – Aerial, size 12; 1.5 line space; text justified on the left and right of the page;

Relevant graphics should be used in each section, with full citations.

Ensure that your answer uses the information that you have gathered about the company and from other sources.