Operations and Supply Chain Management


Report Outline

Write a 350-word report which outlines the key contents you have planned towards Assignment 2. Your report will need to include the three following components:


1.     An introduction to the chosen organisation, briefly describing the market/s they serve and the particulars of their current operations and supply chains, including key competitive advantages.

[30% of the marks]

2.     A description of the key operations and/or supply chain management problems or challenges for the chosen organisation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

[40% of the marks]

3.     A brief description of how the organisation has been affected by COVID-19 and what measures to counteract have been put in place, as well as possible opportunities the organisation may look to for survival in the future.

[30% of the marks]

Report Writing Guidance

Preparation and Editing

You should expect to go through several stages in preparing the report. You may find it easier to form a plan for writing drafts, revising the text, editing, formatting and submitting the report. You will need to work out how best to use the restricted word limit you are working to, in order to refine the wording to best answer the questions set. At all draft stages it is important to consider the learning objectives of the module as this is the basis for the coursework itself.


Use of the work of others

It is essential that you avoid plagiarism.

Some basic guidelines are:

1. Whenever you quote someone else literally (in their own words) you must enclose their words in quotation marks and give a reference at the end of that quotation. You must add a reference to every distinct quotation from a given source. Quotations should be relatively short (ie: not blocks of text just pasted in) and generally only be used only to support your assertions.

2.     Whenever you use someone else’s findings, ideas or terminology, always add a reference to the work in which you found it.

3.     A good style at this level is to use your own words to express someone else’s findings or ideas. Of course, if you make a change to the substance of the finding or idea you should say so.

4.     As a rule you should re-draw any figures you copy from other sources, acknowledging them fully and editing them so that they are appropriate to your report and its context.

5.     The only situation in which it is acceptable to cut-and-paste someone else’s diagram or picture into your own work is where the form of that diagram cannot be redrawn (such as a photograph) or where the form is relevant to a point you want to make (for example where some aspect is illegible or ambiguous). Pictures are normally protected by copyright so you should not reproduce them without careful thought.

6.     You are expected to use the University’s version of the Harvard referencing style for your assignment. Guidance on how to include citations within your text and how to reference different types of material using Harvard is provided here:





Assignments should be a maximum of 350 words in length. 

All coursework assignments that contribute to the assessment of a module are subject to a word limit, as specified in the online module handbook in the relevant module area of the MINERVA.  The word limit is an extremely important aspect of good academic practice, and must be adhered to.  Unless stated specifically otherwise in the relevant module handbook, the word count includes EVERYTHING (i.e. all text in the main body of the assignment including summaries, subtitles, contents pages, tables, supportive material whether in footnotes or in-text references) except the main title, reference list and/or bibliography and any appendices.  It is not acceptable to present matters of substance, which should be included in the main body of the text, in the appendices (“appendix abuse”).  It is not acceptable to attempt to hide words in graphs and diagrams; only text which is strictly necessary should be included in graphs and diagrams.

You are required to adhere to the word limit specified and state an accurate word count on the cover page of your assignment brief.  Your declared word count must be accurate, and should not mislead. Making a fraudulent statement concerning the work submitted for assessment could be considered academic malpractice and investigated as such.  If the amount of work submitted is higher than that specified by the word limit or that declared on your word count, this may be reflected in the mark awarded and noted through individual feedback given to you.


The deadline date for this assignment is 12:00:00 noon on Monday 9th November 2020.


An electronic copy of the assignment must be submitted to the Assignment Submission area within the module resource on the Blackboard MINERVA website no later than 12:00:00 noon prompt on the deadline date.


Faxed, emailed or hard copies of the assignment will not be accepted.


Failure to meet this initial deadline will result in a reduction of marks, details of which can be found at the following place:




Please ensure that you leave sufficient time to complete the online submission process, as upload times can vary. Accessing the submission link before the deadline does NOT constitute completion of submission.  You MUST click the ‘CONFIRM’ button before 12:00:00 noon for your assignment to be classed as submitted on time, if not you will need to submit to the Late Area and your assignment will be marked as late.  It is your responsibility to ensure you upload the correct file to the MINERVA, and that it has uploaded successfully.


It is important that any file submitted follows the conventions stated below:


The name of the file that you upload must be your student ID only.



During the submission process the system will ask you to enter the title of your submission. This should also be your student ID only.



The first page of your assignment should always be the Assessed Coursework Coversheet (individual), which is available to download from the following location:




You should NOT include your name anywhere on your assignment