Organizational Behavior Section Of Onboarding Playbook


Individual behaviors in the workplace impact an organization, and leadership should understand its impact on an organization as a foundation for creating strategies in effectively leading. In this scenario, a technology company has been struggling with sales recently, and leadership believes developing new, in-demand products will increase business. The administration determined that hiring product and market development specialists will be necessary. The new talent will assist current software developers, taking over some of their responsibilities with new products. The company’s talent acquisition team has indicated that the newly hired talent onboarding activities will require current software developers to get them up to speed. Overall, the developers are not happy with the decision to have the new talent take over some of their responsibilities, even though they do feel overwhelmed with current workloads. They are not looking forward to training new employees either, even actively resisting this process. As part of the talent acquisition team, you have been asked to complete a section for the onboarding playbook for new employees. The section you have been asked to complete is the section on organizational behavior.


Develop a 2-3-page organizational behavior section of the onboarding playbook for all new employees that:

  • clearly Explains the three levels of organizational behavior (OB) and their importance for leaders to understand. Use 3 examples.
  • Describes the four behavioral science disciplines that inform leadership’s understanding of organizational behavior. Include examples of each discipline
  • Details the personal factors that influence individual behaviors and the organization. Use through examples of each factor. Use examples of each
  • Discusses managers’ challenges and opportunities in applying OB concepts.
  • Uses examples to support understanding of concepts in a well-defined organizational behavior section of the onboarding playbook.
  • Provides attribution for credible references used in the development of content ideas following academic guidelines.
  • As always, please keep in mind who your audience is and use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Use CREDIABLE references.

-Must be in APA format