Organizational Cultures, Discussion Response (1)

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Further discussion by adding a personal work experience.

Scenario: Manager should have consulted others before making a decision but used individual decision that had some type of negative effect.

How did the negative impact effect the organizational culture?

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Jazmine Clarke

7:20 PM

The main differences between making decisions among individuals, consultative, and team decisions is that with individual decisions, the manager or the team leader is the person who

solves the problem alone using the information available at that time. Individual decisions might work best when the manager has the expertise that is needed to solve the problem (Uhl-Bien, Schermerhorn, & Osborn, 2014). If the manager or team leader isn’t an expert or fully capable of making the decision alone, the team will know and will not agree or support the decision, which could lead to an even bigger problem. In consultative decisions, the manager gathers the necessary information by obtaining all their ideas and suggestions from the team members individually and then the manager determines the information that will be used to solve the problem, and then makes the decision. In team decisions, manager shares the problems with the group by engaging, asking questions, and making suggestions to arrive at the final decision. If the manager or leader is fully equipped to solve the problem alone then consultative or team decisions would be the best way to handle the problem effectively.