Organizational Effectiveness

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Organizational Effectiveness
Review the articles by Gabel (2012) and Raney (2014), which are required readings for this week.

In your initial post, respond to the following questions:

What is demoralization and why does Raney assert that clinical leaders should attend carefully to the morale of their clinical subordinates and colleagues?

In what ways might Raney’s findings regarding the integration of mindfulness and adaptive leadership positively impact leaders interested in reducing demoralization in human services organizations?


Gabel, S. (2012). Demoralization in mental health organizations: Leadership and social support help. Psychiatric Quarterly, 83(4), 489-96.

Raney, A. F. (2014). Agility in adversity: Integrating mindfulness and principles of adaptive leadership in the administration of a community mental health center. Clinical Social Work Journal, 42(3), 312-320.