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Choose a method to answer the following questions. You can choose to write a two-page paper or create a PowerPoint. PowerPoints must have 10 slides. If you choose to write the paper or PowerPoint, please make sure you have a works cited page/slide that indicates your sources. You should have at least three sources.

How was religion used by emperors/the state to control the majority of the population?

Why were the people of that time so easily influenced by religion?

What is the difference between monotheism (one god) and polytheism (many gods)?

The ancient Romans practiced cult worship in that they accurately observed and followed religious rituals to please the gods rather than having good moral conduct. How is this different from the beliefs of many modern day religions?

In the U.S. and in many countries around the world, we separate church and state issues so that political and lawmaking decisions are not based on religious beliefs, but on the rights guaranteed by the constitution. Why do you think the leaders of the Roman Empire and many other ancient civilizations chose to keep a strong connection between the church and the government, often placing priests and church leaders in positions of great power?