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You will write a 2-4 page double-spaced paper based on your viewing of a modern film. The cutoff has been set for 1980, so the modern films are all released after 1980. You must choose this film from this list of Modern Films

The first section should provide a very brief description of the film. You should provide the name of the director, and the leading actors. In addition, you should briefly summarize the story of the film. What was the setting of the film? Who were the principal characters? What was the film about? Be general and avoid focusing on specific plot points. Generally, provide a brief overview of what this film is about.

The second section should provide a detailed analysis of one particular scene or sequence in the film that demonstrates the contributions of various cinematic techniques (i.e., production design, lighting, camera angle and movement, editing, theme music, etc.) to the narrative of the film. In short, you should attempt to explain how these techniques contribute to the telling of the story. You can discuss any of the cinematic techniques mentioned either in the lectures or in the readings. You will find an excellent discussion of how to analyze a film in the final chapter of Film as Social Practice.

Your paper will be judged, in large part, on your ability to identify a scene or sequence in the film that best demonstrates the relationship between style and narrative. Be sure to focus on a scene that is important to the development of the narrative and watch it several times. The more often you view a scene, the more obvious the cinematic techniques employed in that scene will become.

Formatting Notes:

2-4 Pages. Feel free to go over as long as you are staying on task
One inch margins.
Please proofread!
Times New Roman or equivalent font; 12pt