Part I – Descriptive Framework Paper: Organizational Communication Analysis

Please watch video   –

  1. The video is an animated presentation that describes the importance of organizational communication during a climate of change. A company must be diligent in keeping their stakeholders informed. In addition, a company must maintain a sterling reputation by having good relationships with their stakeholders.

    Use the Virtual Organization Portal ( to select a brick and mortar business or organization. The list of Virtual Organizations are found under Learning Activities.

    NoteDo not use an organization that is not listed in the Virtual Organization Portal.

    Write a 1,150- to 1,400-word descriptive framework of your chosen Virtual Organization. Include information from a real world organization that encountered a crisis that is similar to what your organization is experiencing. Review week two’s assignment’s instructions and select the type of crisis your company will be experiencing.

    Describe the following aspects of your Organization:

    • People
    • Employees
    • Clients/customers
    • Vendors
    • Tasks
    • Products or services
    • Describe your organization’s communication process
    • The structure of internal and external communication
    • The structural characteristics of formal communications between departments and senior management
    • Informal settings: board room, one-on-one meetings, texts, e-mails, and hallway/virtual chats, etc.
    • Computer mediated communications: extranets, intranets, emails, video conferencing, etc.
    • What backup systems would you recommend to be used when the main communication system fails?
    • Include a minimum of six references of which four are academic sources. Consider using textbooks/resources that you have used in your degree program. Most textbooks are not academic sources because they are not peer-reviewed.

      Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.