Pediatric Nursing.

1. Introduction included clear description of the nursing role being researched (10 points)
2. Provided thorough description of the educational requirements and or any specialized training associated with this professional nursing role (20points)
3. Reviewed the scope of practice: What is the focus of the nursing role? (20 points)
4. Publications and organizations: What specific nursing journals and professional organizations would a nurse in this role need to help succeed?

(20 points)

5. Conclusion: Summarized the paper and old why interested in this particular nursing role (10 points)
6. Information presented in a clear and logical manner that engaged the reader; proper grammar/spelling/punctuation-no more than 2 errors in paper (10 points)
7. APA Format with cover page (2), running head (2), correct margins and font (2), reference page in correct format (2), and at least 3 references (2) within the last 5 years (10 possible)
Total points possible = 100