Peer Response Post


Respond to peer about their post in regard to mentalism and radical behaviorism. 

Your response should be substantive and demonstrate your understanding of the material. What aspects of the post do you like or agree with and why? Are there areas that are not clear? Did the post spark questions that you would like to ask your peer? In this, and in all of your courseroom posts, be sure to keep your tone scholarly, respectful, and professional.

Peer response:

Our text defines a mentalist as a person who uses and approach to explaining behavior that assumes that a mental, or “inner”, dimension exists that differs from a behavioral dimension and that phenomena in this dimension either directly cause or at least mediate some forms of behavior, if not all. (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2020)  In other words, the action or behavior and the state of mind are connected.  According to mentalists, the state of mind does not cause the behavior. Behaviorism on the other hand, is the opposite. Behaviorism attempts to understand all human behavior, including private events such as thoughts and feeling, in terms of controlling variables in the history of the person and species. (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2020) A behaviorist feels that every action or behavior has a mental reason or feeling behind it. They feel that while two are connected, they act separately.

Mentalists feel that since the two are connected there are no observable events to precede the behavior.  Behaviorists will look at the antecedent before the behavior and see if there is a pattern to the behavior(s).  The behaviorist feels that all behaviors or actions have observable mental events.

One example I can think of is my son.  He has Sensory Processing Disorder and Separation Anxiety to name a couple of the diagnoses. When he is forced to leave the house (myself, my mother and father) to go his father’s house, he comes home with extreme behaviors.  Because he is under duress when he leaves, he comes home and does not know how else to get the stress out and starts to hit, scream and bite.  This only happens when he has to go to his father’s house. I have take ABC data on him for various behavior issues for his neurologist and this just happens to be one of the correlations found.