Perform And Interpret A Meta-Analysis For Publication


As the healthcare administrator for healthcare research-focused organization, you have been collaborating with a team of researchers from across the country working on a systematic review. The systematic review process is an intensive and time-consuming endeavor that includes:

  1. Gathering evidence from the literature.
  2. Synthesizing the evidence gathered.
  3. Disseminating findings through manuscript publication in peer review journals.

As you work with your team to develop the manuscript to be published in a high impact journal, your team agreed to present a summarized version of all the quantitative data gathered by conducting and interpreting a meta-analysis. As a result, the team tasked you with developing a Forest Plot that will be used to present your evidence in the manuscript being prepared for submission in a peer-review journal.

Using the data sent to you by one of the analysts (see Resource list for the data to use),

  1. Use the Open Meta-Analyst (OM) open-source software for performing meta-analyses [funded by the Agency for Healthcare Quality Research (AHRQ)].
    1. Go to the Open Meta-Analyst web page to download the software you will use for this exercise.
      1. Follow the guidance provided therein to download the software
      2. Once you saved the software in a directory on your computer, you may need to double click on “LaunchOpenMetaAnalyst.bat” to launch the software on your desktop
      3. You can follow the instruction on how to enter your data into OM at
      4. You can follow the instruction on how to run analysis to produce your meta-analysis in the form on a Forest Plot at
        1. Remember to save request your output be saved on a drive in your computer
    2. In case you are having trouble downloading or using the OM software, then you will have to use Microsoft Excel to develop your Forest Plot. [See resource list].
  2.[IR1] [KG2] [IR3]
  3. Once completed, submit the result of your analysis and Forest chart in the Dropbox.

Length: 1 to 2-page, Forest plot

References: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly resources.

The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards