Performance Management-Apa-1 Page-

Chapter 3 discusses various aspects of strategic planning. As noted in the textbook, it is

important to link performance management to strategy. For this discussion board,

please consider the scenario below.


You are the newly hired HR Director for a large healthcare organization, which serves

elderly individuals. Over 1,000 healthcare employees (e.g., physicians, nurses, etc.) are

employed by your company. You have been told, by the leaders of your organization,

that the performance management system used by the company is not fully aligned with

the organization’s strategic plan.

For this discussion board post, please address the following:

 Explain why the job descriptions for all workers must be in alignment with the

organization’s mission, goals, and strategies.

 Address how you can effectively communicate the strategic plan to all organizational


 Why does the organization’s compensation strategy need to be aligned with the

company’s strategic plan?