Personal Business Management Brief


Assignment Content

  1.     Your organization’s Director of Personnel recently shared a plan to revise several outdated policies. In anticipation of this project, you have been asked to prepare a business brief detailing a series of 21st-century challenges that currently affect your organization’s ability to effectively manage personnel.

    Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word business brief for your organization’s Director of Personnel to review and share with members of the policy revision project team. Your brief must include the following:

    • Identify at least three 21st-century challenges that affect the management of personnel in the public sector.
    • Describe the nature of each challenge, the contributing factors, and the implications to the organization.
  • Support your business brief using your textbook, peer-reviewed research, and other sources.

    Format your in-text citations according to APA guidelines, and include a separate page for references.