Personal Reflection Essay On Gender And Communication

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Write a 2 page single-spaced paper that explains how you see yourself, another person, or members of an organization/institution with respect to gender. Keep in mind that stronger papers will exceed the 600 word minimum requirement. The grading rubric at the bottom of this page provides clarity for the expectations for this assignment.

The paper should focus on gender as expressed and experienced through a person’s life events. You may discuss any or all of the following: family dynamics (i.e., birth order, family expectations, religious values, other influential institutions, etc.), and culture (how a person learns to act as a gendered person), have formed a worldview (“…the way in which we perceive the world –and our behavior” Gamble & Gamble, 2003, p. 59) and ultimately influenced communication. You are not required to write about your personal gender; you may choose to write about a family member, friend, religious figure, secular public figure, or member of a specific institution, industry, or organization. If you are unsure of your approach, feel free to e-mail your instructor for guidance. While there is no expectation that you reveal your own personal information, the intent of the paper is for you to write from a personal perspective, not solely from online references. If a person described is not a publicly known figure, be sure to refer to them by a pseudonym.