PH10-Obesity Epidemic

Topic: Obesity Epidemic

Obesity is consistently included in the Healthy People goals (2000, 2010 and 2020 publications). Individuals have the right to choose what foods to consume and how much. Discuss the challenges of identifying incentives for behavioral change for individuals and food distributors. Identify and provide the rationale for one remedial policy change that you feel should be enacted to curb this epidemic. What assumptions did you make when considering this policy change?

Include four academic references in your post. Use the current APA style and formatting appropriate to the type of reference you provide.


Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (2018). Healthy people. Retrieved from


Suggest ways by which the effectiveness of the learner’s policy change might be enhanced. Supplement and extend consideration of the topic by including one or more of the following: new information, questions, constructive or corrective feedback, or alternative viewpoints.



Be sure all outside sources are cited using current APA style.

Write from Public health perspective

In text citation

No consideration for plagiarism