PhelpsLingCarrasco2006.pdf essay

The article you will be discussing in this essay is:

Phelps, E.A., Ling, S. & Carrasco, M. (2006). Emotion facilitates perception and potentiates the perceptual benefits of attention. Psychological Science, 17, 292–299.




Your essay should address the following:

  1. Briefly describe how the authors manipulated attention and emotion, and what effect these manipulations had on contrast sensitivity.
  2. How well does the evidence support the authors’ claim that “emotion affects how people see”?
  3. Discuss what the results contribute to our understanding of how emotion and attention interact, making use of the models and theories we have discussed in this class.


The essay should be 1200 words maximum, and is due on December 13th. An assignment video and collaborate session will provide more information and tips about how to prepare your essay.