Philosophy And Sociology


1. Describe the three major revolutions that transformed the nature of work and working. Make sure you describe the major technological innovation that accompanied each revolution.

2. Why did Karl Marx believe that workers in capitalist societies experienced alienation From what specifically did he claim that workers were alienated?

3. Read the article Why College Costs Keep Climbing below and answers questions 3-6

What is the main point the authors of this post make about the cause of rising college costs?


States have increased tuition while providing less state funding for public colleges.


Faculty members earn increasingly high salaries


Tuition increases are due to students’ demand for high-end housing


States have addressed the rising cost of college by increasing public funding in recent decades.

4. Which of the following is the most accurate description of the outcome of the rising costs of college, as described in this post? a.Fewer people are now attending college than ever b.Students are refusing to pay their tuition billsc.College administrators are resigning in protestd.Students are working more hours and taking on more students loan debt

5. What suggestions do the authors of this post make to challenge the rising costs of college? Select all that apply.


Withdraw from college in protest


Join a campaign to pressure law makers into increasing funding for college


Pressure local representatives to work toward increasing funding for education


Contact local higher education organizations

6. How does this post demonstrate the context of opportunities? In other words, how is our individual success related to social institutions like education and government? Think about your own educational experiences, and how they are related to larger social institutions, and if applicable, changes in funding.


Review the discourse on Abortion by John T. Noonan Jr. and Mary Anne Warren. Ensure to demonstrate your meaningful contribution to the discourse.