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Do I Have a Core Essence?

The purpose of this discussion assignment is to reflect upon your understanding of different historical and philosophical approaches to the self. After completing your readings, write a 1 page paper explaining the avocado/essentialist idea of the self. Remember to explain specific theories with supporting citations from the textbook and online lectures.

As you develop your response, you might find some of the following questions to be relevant:

•What is the core essence human beings are said to share?

•What are some of the differences/similarities between the avocado and artichoke views of the self?

•What is the relationship between human and divine nature?

Do not plagiarize (must be original). Also, Use citations when needed and credible reference. Assignment must be in APA format. When finished please check for grammatical, pronounciation and spelling errors and you must provide me with an Turnitin report.

This assignment is due in the next few hours so if you can’t meet deadline then don’t bother to accept bid.