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In §6 of Part Two of his Commentary on the Diamond Sutra, Thich Nhat Hanh describes the “dialectics of prajñaparamita,” using the example of a rose (p. 67; p.102 on the pdf).

“When the Buddha sees a rose,” Hanh writes,” the rose he sees is a miracle. It is the rose of true being. The rose that you and I see may be one of being, still full of conceptualizations” (p.67.102 on the pdf).

Explain what Hanh means when he says that the Buddha sees “the rose of true being” (in other words, explain the “dialectics of prajñaparamita; and note what Hanh says at the end of the paragraph in which the quote is found: “True emptiness is true being”).

Please write at least one full page.