After you have completed adequate research on the noted personality theorist Rogers  and his client centered therapy, and how he envisioned both problems  and solutions, write a letter in response to this fictional client:

  • Someone has come to you expressing a number of problems: the  person’s marriage is a mess, they hate their job, they cannot complete  work on time, they feel overwhelmed and cranky much of the time, and  even their dog doesn’t like them much of the time.

While working from the Humanistic (client centered) perspective,  you will need to inform your fictional “client” what you believe the  client can do about the problems the client is having. Using Rogerian  theory and terms, how might you tell the client to set things to right  again?

Your letter should display clear evidence (such as textbook terms in bold  font) that you understand what the theorist considers a healthy,  well-adjusted personality, and how to help someone build one. No direct  quotes of the textbook or other source is permitted. Citation can be  informal – just list your college level research sources after your signature.