Planning Program 2 Pages Essay

Planning Program

Department of Geography, Geology and Planning MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY

PLN 100 Understanding Cities

Assignment 2: Experiencing Urban Spaces

Choose two outdoor places on the university campus or off campus. The places should be public or quasi-public spaces, such as a urban park, outdoor plaza, City center, MSU fountain plaza, Temple Hall Plaza, neighborhood block. The first place should be one that you love or enjoy, a place where you will go out of your way to spend time or where you feel thoroughly positive about. The other should be one which you dislike or hate, that you can’t stand to be in, that you would go out of your way to avoid, or that you feel thoroughly negative about.

Take photographs of your two selected places and spend at least one half of an hour in each space. Experience these spaces quietly and move around. Stop or sit down at the spot where you have the strongest reaction and make a list of your feelings (be sure these are your emotional reactions, not just the descriptions of what is there). Then make another list of the characteristics of the place (this is simply a description of its physical features).

Consider why you feel as you do about each place. Is there a relationship between your emotional reactions and the physical characteristics you listed?

Compare the relationship between physical characteristics and feelings in two places. Are the characteristics of the places totally different, or do they have any similarities? Can you draw conclusions about how the physical characteristics of places make you feel?

Write a small report of 1 to 2 pages and illustrate it with your own photographs (2-4 photographs). The photographs should have captions. Use 1.5 line spacing and font size 12 pt Times New Roman).

Evaluation: The final grade will depend on organization, clarity, style, and grammar