Please Upload Your Picture To This Site. Please Describe Picture And Tell The Class Why You Think This Is A Good Example Of Public Health.


Please upload your picture to this site. Please describe picture and tell the class why you think this is a good example of public health.


Many times we overlook the evidence and importance of public health efforts in our communities, however, the evidence is all around us. Public health has been responsible for many improvements in health outcomes over the past century and, as we can see from our experience with Covid-19, it is a vital component of health care systems. This learning activity is to function as an introduction to the many faces of public health in our communities.


After viewing the video “What is Public Health” below, go on a scavenger hunt to find your own examples of public health in your community (billboards, signs, newspaper articles etc). Post PICTURES to the Discussion Board. Add pictures as an attachment, or copy and paste directly into the post. Add a description of the picture and why you think this is a good example of public health.