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II. “Hoodie” (Links to an external site.) by January Gill O’Neil

Who is the poem’s speaker?
What are the speaker’s concerns?
Explain the image, “I see the partial eclipse of his face/ as his head sinks into the hand-dark/ and shades his eyes.” How does it relate to the poem’s title?
Explain the lines, “I fear for his safety—the darkest child/ on our street in the empire of blocks.”
What is the subject of the poem?
What is the tone of the poem?
Choose a favorite line or image from the poem.
Do you like the poem? Why or why not?

Write a 250+ word original response that discusses the poem’s tone.Your 250+ word response needs to be double-spaced and in MLA format. It should also include textual evidence that supports your analysis. Please note that your response paper will be submitted through Turnitin, a plagiarism detection tool. You should read your chosen poem out loud at least two times. What do you notice? Who is the speaker? What is the subject of the poem? What is the speaker’s attitude toward the subject matter? As you work to identify the poem’s speaker, look to see if the pronoun “I” appears. Be sure not to assume that the poem’s speaker is the author of the poem