Poetry Writing Assignment

n this assignment, you will write a short, 4-line poem about nature using Iambic Pentameter.
Step 1
Watch the video: How to Write a Poem in Iambic Pentameter. (Links to an external site.)
Step 2
Follow instructions 1-5 in the video. You only need to write 4 lines, so stop at Step 5 in the video.
Step 3
Remember that your poem must be about the topic of nature in the spirit of the Romantics, and must follow the instructions in the video.
Remember that words have natural stresses. For instance, say the word “follow” aloud. Pay attention to which syllable has the stress, or is the most dominant. Which one is it? The first syllable of the word “follow” — the “foll” — is dominant. Now try to say the word “follow” and put the emphasis on the second syllable. Sounds weird, right? Words are pronounced with stresses/emphases.
Your poem must be in strict Iambic Pentameter, meaning that the meter of the poem must follow the unstressed and stressed rhythm as discussed in the video. Therefore, for example, you cannot start your poem with the word “follow” as the first syllable is stressed/emphasized.
Step 4
Submit your poem using the text entry.