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Covid-19 Related Social Effects

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Number of the selected social phenomenon: COVID-19_related social effects

Primary disciplinary perspective: Sociology

Professional role: Analyst

Covid-19 Related Social Effects

Covid-19 is a contagion that has affected the whole world alike and paralyzed human social life drastically. This pandemic has blocked social contacts and has also stigmatized economic growth. This pandemic has also led to human losses by deteriorating the health structures (Banerjee 2021). I have chosen this topic for research because being an expert of social sciences, drawing the social effects of pandemic attracts me. Covid-19 has changed the entire structure of society. Social gatherings have been reduced, and interaction with friends and relatives has been minimized. Additionally, people who were affected by the disease had to face psychological trauma, and man is a social animal and cannot live without family and friends. People who have spent time quarantined have experienced psychological isolation.

How will this topic help me in future research of Social Sciences?

Social sciences research has always been done on the topic that seems real instead of fictional. Covid-19 is the most recent reality that has crippled down the social framework. This topic is relatable to the field because people worldwide are observing a ban on social gatherings, hikes in suicide rates, closed international borders, and minimal flow of international trade. The schools have been shut down, and campus classes have been converted to online classrooms (Banerjee 2021). The businesses have been closed, unemployment has escalated, and food insecurity has been multiplied. All these factors make this pandemic a worth discussing topic as my future research in social sciences.

Application of Social Sciences terms in research

Social Reality

Covid-19 is a social reality because it is not restricted to one individual or one nation, but it has engulfed the entire population across the borders. Covid-19 is a social reality because it has touched the poor and rich alike. The head of the state is equally vulnerable as the labor class of a country is.


The theory of ideationalism is applicable in the context of Covid-19. According to that theory, social forces are stronger than material forces (Makalesi 2020). We observed that during lockdown and quarantine, when businesses were closed and trade was suspended, the only family was there to support us.

The dichotomy of Individualism and Collectivism

Moreover, the dichotomy of individualism and collectivism can also be applied to the situation of Covid-19. During COVID restrictions, people have quarantined and explored their individuality. On the other hand, countries are making collective efforts to vaccinate their citizens.


Likewise, the theory of socialization is also applicable to the research of Covid-19. According to this theory, individual behavior is shaped by the social system. If seen with this lens, individuals have adapted themselves to the pandemic of Covid-19 and have adopted the SOPs accordingly (Makalesi 2020).

Social Ontology

The concept of social ontology also comes true in the Covid-19. Social ontology is the study of all properties of society. While talking about the effects of Covid-19, it has affected the entire spectrum of society, including educational institutions, religious worships, business entities, and familial relations (Jan et al. 2020). So, social ontology applies to my research topic.

Disciplinary Approach for my Topic of Research

I will adopt sociology as the disciplinary approach for my topic of research. As my topic is related to the social effects of Covid-19, I think it is more preferable to adopt a sociological approach. Sociology is the study of society while keeping in view the behavior of individuals (Lawson 2019). The various impacts of covid-19 on social life can be seen in the form of fewer social gatherings, reduced business activities, increased psychological traumas, rampant unemployment, triggering domestic violence, and the vicious cycle of poverty (Jan et al. 2020). All these impacts can be analyzed from the perspective of sociology.

Professional Role as Social Science Researcher

While doing this research, I have adopted the role of an analyst. As an analyst, I have analyzed the socio-economic effects of Covid-19 on society. I have also proved my point of view with a theoretical perspective and have also applied models of sociology to make it authentic and worth reading. As an analyst, I have observed the effects of Covid-19 keenly and have tried to put them in writing with practical knowledge.


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