Political Science ESSAY

First essay question

Which theory offers a better explanation of the politics at the 1787 Convention and subsequent ratification debate, pluralism or elitism?

Short Essays Students will submit short essay, of no less than 1,250  words each, not counting bibliography or source citations. Each essay is worth 200 course points.

I expect each writing assignment to have:

(1) A clear introductory statement that addresses directly the question posed by the instructor; (2) A body of factual examples that support your answer; these examples may be drawn from either the assigned and recommended readings or properly cited sources researched independently by the student.  You may not cite Wikipedia  as a source for your essays. Comments drawn from the work of another must be appropriately cited;  plagiarized essays will be penalized ; all “Suggested Readings” are available on the Canvas website for the class. (3) A coherent paragraph structure that emphasizes your main points and exhibits college-level English; and, (4) A succinct concluding paragraph.