Politics And Society In The Middle East

Orientalism Project

For this assignment you are to pick a piece of art or media that contains depictions of the Middle East. Through a close read/viewing of your chosen work, you are to critique how the region is being represented. In your writing should provide:

-Start with a description of Orientalism.  What is it and how is it defined by Said? (Think back to when you watched On Orientalism by Edward Said. )

-A description of the work.  Be descriptive, but focus on what makes the work orientalist!

-In what ways does the MENA get represented in the work?

-Does the work claim any authority about the region?

-Does the work present any tropes about the region reproduced from other sources?

-How is Said’s critique applicable to critiquing the work you have chosen?

  • Your assignment should be written in clear prose, as well as analyze your chosen work. 
  • You are to provide a copy, photograph, or link to the work.  If the work is a film, please provide a link to the trailer.  
  • Please turn in the assignment in Times New Roman, 12 in. font with 1” margins.  
  • Should be 3-4 pages double-spaced.