Porter Paper – I Am Adding Sample Paper But Need To Choose Different Company

Please review the Porter paper grading rubric below.  Use the rubric to review the preparation of your paper and to evaluate your paper prior to submission.

Guidelines for the paper (also review the grading rubric)

  1. Provide a brief introduction to your assigned company (e.g. what is its business, in what market is it, how long has it been in business, etc.)
  2. Apply each of Porter’s five forces to your assigned company, indicating the threat level (e.g. high, moderate or low), why you have made this assessment.
  3. Do NOT make recommendations for addressing these threats; only provide your assessment of the threats
  4. Include a graphic of the Five Forces model that provides a bulleted synopsis of your assessment for each of the five forces.


Criteria for the paper:

  1. Minimum of four (4) pages, to maximum (5) five pages (not including Porter Model illustration, title page, or reference page and any additional appendices).
  2. APA style and formatting required. However, no abstract is required for this paper
  3. Include a 1-page graphic of the Porter model illustrating your analysis
  4. APA formatted reference page and title page