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You are a portfolio manager looking to achieve the best returns for your level of risk. You will be


given three portfolios to choose from and you must decide which portfolio you would invest in and explain why. To explain why you would make this choice you must use asset and portfolio management techniques to analyse the three portfolios given to you. You will also manage the portfolio that you choose for 5 years into the future.


You will be given the portfolios at the start of the semester and you will need to engage with the sessions each week where you will learn about the different asset and portfolio management techniques that you will need to make your choice of portfolio. For your assignment, you will submit a report (i.e. using headings and not an essay) explaining why you chose the portfolio you did. You should also discuss how well your portfolio has performed using the statistics you will learn during the sessions and the calculations on your portfolios that you will be expected to carry out in your own time. You will need to discuss what choices you made and why-the reasons for your decisions


Assessment requirements: The portfolio will have the following requirements:


Portfolio must be chosen from the three given to you. 2. A decision on the risk profile of the portfolio must be taken. Will you as an investor tolerate high risk, average risk or low risk? The reason for your choice must be explained. 3. The portfolios should then be analyzed using investment analysis tools such as statistical measures, beta, CAPM, and market risk, etc. to model the risk and return of the portfolio. You will need to explain and discuss the results of your analysis to say why you chose the portfolio that you did, evaluating whether your portfolio fits your risk profile.






2000 words




Please refer to Assessment Diary




Beatrice Fairley




  1. Discuss what you would change if you were managing the portfolio for a 5-year period. Your 5 year future strategy for the portfolio must be decided according to the risk profile that you choose.


Learning Outcomes


The assignment is linked to the following learning outcomes:


  1. Develop and apply, using critical analysis, an understanding of the principles of financial and investment management evaluating the significance of diversification, risk and return in


international investment portfolio management 2. Apply and analyse the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and modern portfolio theory for


the development of a reasoned international real estate investment strategy.


The module’s learning outcomes are assessed through a combination of the examination and the


coursework submission.


Assessment Criteria


This assignment is worth 50% of the module mark. Please see the detailed marking grid at the end of this brief. In summary, the marks will be broken down as follows:


Presentation (including correct APA referencing) and Structure (10%) Depth of research and understanding of the subject matter (10%)


Analysis of the portfolio options including discussion of the concepts of diversification, risk and return and the calculations carried out (40%)


Coherence and clarity of the recommendations and justifications (40%)


Presentation of your Assignment


  • All typed work should be Arial (11 pts) or Calibri (12pts)


  • You should use the APA referencing system


  • Please state the number of words used


  • Work up to the word limit will be marked. Any work in excess of the word limit will not be