Positivist School Vs. Classical School Of Criminology

After reviewing the reading for week 1, as well as the week 1 discussion articles in the lesson for this week, discuss/debate with your classmates about the early history of the criminal theory and its application to crime control i.e., Positivist School vs. Classical School, plus gender, class, and race as they relate to crime. Also, discuss if racial profiling is justifiable? Ever? If the answer is yes, discuss how effective the profiling must be to remain justified? If the answer is no, do the events of 9/11 suggest a justification for other forms of ethnic profiling?

The discussion questions have been designed so that a response of approximately 500 words is typically needed to fully address the subject.  Students should provide supporting materials (references/citations) to demonstrate/acknowledge the source of the information utilized to formulate the response.