Postpartum Depression

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Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length (typed, double spaced, 12 pt. typical font) and should include the following information:
1) What research question/issue/problem did you study?
2) Did you study this in your own community, or a community to which you do not belong?
3) Why was this community ideal for studying this issue?
4) What background research did you do before you went into the field? Briefly summarize the results of your background research.
5) Did you face any ethical or safety issues? If so, how did you deal with these?
6) What methodologies did you use (interview, survey, participant observation, etc.)?
7) What were the results of your research? This will look different depending on your topic, but please understand that I don’t want a copy of all the interview notes or survey responses, etc. Instead, please interpret these results. Were there any interesting trends? What did your research show about the topic you studied? Did anything surprise you? What was important about what you learned? This question should be the majority of your paper.